Blurt Magazine Listens

A couple a weeks ago was ” making my rounds” in the music community stopping by local music stores and small businesses that cater to local musicians. Dropping off some Daughter Element cassettes of “Primavera” of course schoolkids records in Raleigh was at the top of the priority list.
Schoolkids have been there since day one. They have been there to support all of Black Fusion’s music, Midnight Kids Academy mini tour and now Daughter Element. So much gratitude for Schoolkids. Thank you!
So I took a hand full of cassettes to them and ended up having an hour long conversation with Fred editor at Blurt Magazine.
We talked about some bands we liked and asked him to review the tape not knowing he would do it.
He didn’t give me a solid answer.
So i really didn’t have any expectations.
Checked my Facebook page and he had not only reviewed Daughter Element’s latest release “soundtracks”
but was really blown away at how well he described the music.
Such wonderful things he said about our music. Fred has really fueled my ambition and has inspired us to keep going!
Swung back by Schoolkids today to thank him in person and this time we talked for two hours. Music always brings people together


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1 Response to Blurt Magazine Listens

  1. Fred Mills says:

    TJ, you are too kind. Greatly enjoy the music conversations in addition to the actual music. And you’re right – that is what brings people together.

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