FT’s Inspired Painting

FT Erwin is an inspiring painter .
FT was visiting his parents the other day and in their garage he discovered some flowers . He took a picture of them and headed back to his art studio . There he used all his inspiration and passion in this painting . FT


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Cassette Tapes (Sneed The Jade Inspired)

I’m a huge fan and fellow Midnight Kid collaborative of Sneed the Jade Badger of Jade Palace Guard.
Before Cassette Tapes were thought of “coming back ” Sneed was the first seen who had his music on tape , (since the 90s ) . Sneed the Jade Badger does his own art on his tapes and duplication.
Sneed inspired The Daughter Element to do the same.
So we called up nactape and they helped us achieve what Sneed did all by himself . Thank you Sneed and thank you nactape.
So now if anyone wants the Daughter Element cassette “Primavera” go to our bandcamp .
If you are local swing by one of these music stores and ask for a copy.
SchoolKids Records
Bull City Records
Edward McKay
2112 Percussion
CD Alley
Sorry State Records
Sam Ash
Quail Ridge books
Reader’s Corner
All Day Records
Nice Price Books
and somewhere else…
Also check out Sneed the Jade Badger here!!!http://sneedthejadebadger.bandcamp.com




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Formation Sound


The idea behind this project was to have free improvisation musicians who have never played together document what happens when they come together for the first time. Andrew Munger , Christina Thompson, Menestres and Daniel Schram to video and Formation Sound is what happened. Formation SoundStay tuned for more to come.

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Anna Caryn Photography

Professional clean work! http://annacarynphotography.blogspot.com/?m=1
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Conductor Bill Curry

Thank you for all you do for me and the community!
Donate here!


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Open Eye Cafe

This coffee shop is bangin!!!
Come see us play there !


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WKNC 88.1

Here is a live performance of The Daughter Element playing at a local radio station in Raleigh N.C.
WKNC 88.1
The first song is a demonstration of the improvising Daughter Element incorporates in there music , and was done on the spot with no rehearsal.
The second part is a song off there debut cd “Cells” entitled ” Just keep it pure”
Enjoy and thanks for your support


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