WKNC 88.1

Here is a live performance of The Daughter Element playing at a local radio station in Raleigh N.C.
WKNC 88.1
The first song is a demonstration of the improvising Daughter Element incorporates in there music , and was done on the spot with no rehearsal.
The second part is a song off there debut cd “Cells” entitled ” Just keep it pure”
Enjoy and thanks for your support


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Paying Dues

Today’s thought for me is “paying dues .”
Some months back sat in a private place quietly in meditation. A few minutes went by and heard in The spirit “why don’t you trust me?” Then a minute or so went by and heard “depend on Me .”
Began to breathe deeper and slower.
A few minutes had passed and heard ” you are gold .” Becoming more relaxed almost sleepy then heard ” I love you .”
Today is full of sunshine , inspiration and love.  


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Percival Roman

TJ Goode’s solo project with friends…check it out. ¬†Ranging from free jazz to electronic and a few other surprises. ¬†Click the the link below to listen.

Percival Roman Tracks


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