Percival Roman & Clotilde Rullaud

Clotilde Rullaud and Percival Roman are a drum and voice duo. Click image for details


Black Fusion

Black Fusion’s music is catered to film, background, animation preferences, and also considered spiritual and atmospheric. This duo’s music soothes the soul and inspires us and hopefully you too.  FT is an improvised pianist, keyboard player, and  synth player. FT also is an inspiring painter.  He  brings a classical and unique style of piano playing and paintings to  Black Fusion.  TJ Goode is a drummer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and spontaneous composer. Black Fusion’s sound is under produced (lo-fi)  and scratchy like an old record.  We like our sound vintage and raw, with a basement vibe.


Midnight Kids Academy

Midnight Kids Academy (MDNK) is a worldwide artist collective of musicians, graphic designers, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers, models, taste makers and other like-minded individuals working together in the name of original Art and Creative Thinking. Each artist‘s contribution is unique and organically evolves to create a synergy allowing us to move in ways that would not be possible on our own. Our numbers are increasing by the day and we are constantly applying our influence into different ventures. The results of our collective works have the potential to be profound. We as individuals and as a whole have the ability to control the outcome of our future.


The Daughter Element

Made up of percussionist and multi-effects guru, TJ Goode (TJ graces the ears of many with unorthodox rhythms that contribute to how nutrients maintain and thrive in the soil- giving way to sprouts that pierce into open air and blossom with intense colors. It sounds really pleasant).

Mike de Paris plays guitar and uses a sampler like a novice wizard learning to control impulses. (Miguel creates vibrations in hopes that it will build universal bridges – and calm the hearts of many by using a meditative energy that might be the answer to Quantum Everything).


Percival Roman

Percival Roman is TJ Goode’s solo percussion project with musician friends.  Freshman artist on the Chicago and New Orleans based record label ears&eyes Records. The music ranges from free jazz , percussion ensembles , electronic, hip-hop, and orchestra.

Formation SoundBandcamp
Improvised musicians band together.



Empty Sound

The Empty Sound There is an old Asian riddle from Mokurai to his student Toyo. “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” As the riddle continues Toyo wonders if the sound of one hand clapping is a drip of water, the sigh of the wind, the cry of an owl or melody of music. His teacher Mokurai responds that is not the sound of one hand clapping.
Improv music in the American idiom. The Empty Sound include some “traditional melodic” elements in additional to more textural sound. This is a strong incubator for incredible and reliable music! It is not the hand that makes the sound, the mind makes the sound.
Brother “TJ” Goode – drums, percussion, etc.
Christopher “X” Thurston – double bass,

Jade Palace Guard



1 Response to Collaborators 

  1. FT Erwin says:

    This is such a cool website. I can’t wait to see what it turns into. It is a creative block. Ready to inspire lots of people. Go further in the spirit and the creative mind of TJ. Go further!!!!!!

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